Selling Services Terms and Conditions

The Services” means any services and add-ons that you offer through any of the Moorest Portals.

In addition to the obligations described in General Terms and Conditions, you, your employees, representatives, agents, contractors, and subcontractors (collectively “The Personnel“) are obligated to:

  1. Perform The Services in accordance with the information set by you on the applicable service description page on Moorest Service Platforms and in accordance with all applicable manufacturer or other requirements;
  2. Perform The Services competently and professionally in accordance with work standards on similar services;
  3. Comply with all service quality requirements and other policies that Moorest can add and, provide Moorest with reports. Licenses and Certificates relating to your compliance with these requirements;
  4. Use Moorest Customer Information made available to you, including customer addresses and telephone numbers, solely to communicate with customers to reschedule, cancel and process The Services in accordance with all Moorest policies.
  5. Comply with all other requirements designated by Moorest.

You represent and warrant that:

  1. The Services, Add-ons and all aspects of the offer, sale, and performance will comply with all applicable laws, including any applicable licensing, registration, or filing requirements;
  2. You and Your Personnel are authorised to lawfully provide The Services, including any applicable immigration and work status laws.

Without limiting any other restrictions on your use of information made available through the Moorest Portals, you and The Personnel will not at any time solicit orders for any products, services and add-ons that are not described in the applicable order note.

We might periodically require a background check on you, The Personnel, or your business, or request information regarding your own background check policies and procedures; you will cooperate with Moorest and any third-party acting on our behalf. The individual and business background check criteria will not be made available to you. We have the right to refuse any business or trader for any reason. Any background check on you or The Personnel can be requested at any time for any reason.

You and The Personnel (including a third party) are obligated  to maintain:

  1. Commercial general liability insurance to cover liabilities caused by or occurring in conjunction with the offer, sale, and performance of Your Services;
  2. Car liability insurance with limits of at least £300,000 per loss if the performance of any of The Services involves the operation of an car or other motor vehicle.
  3. you will maintain commercial general, umbrella, and/or excess liability insurance with limits of at least £2,000,000 covering liabilities caused by or occurring in conjunction with the operation of your business, including products, add-ons, services products/completed operations and bodily injury. At our request, you will provide to us certificates of insurance for the coverage.

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