Why I didn’t get paid?

Your payment might be on the way! It can take up to three working days for the funds to appear in your bank account after Moorest Payments begins a transfer.

Maintaining your trader account up-to-date and in good status are the best steps to assure that you get payments promptly. Here are typical causes for payment delays:

  • Funds are unavailable for payment because they are in reserve to ensure that you have sufficient funds to fulfill any reimbursements, chargebacks, or Moorest Guarantee claims. This is a standard component of trading on Moorest.
  • Connection with Stripe processor is not set properly.
  • Your trade account had a negative or zero balance at the time of payment. This could happen because of trade fees or service refunds. 
  • The order was not marked as completed.

Less obvious causes for payment delays include activities that we take in response to your account’s issues. In that situation, you will find messages from Moorest with further details in the notifications panel.