Update your account information

Once you created your Moorest Trade Account, please complete all personal details. Some of the required pieces of information are category orientated and might be required.

Personal details of the account holder. Make sure that your email and phone number are valid. Name and Surname must reflect those provided during the verification process.

Address of the account holder. All details must reflect those provided during the verification process.

Please provide URL addresses for your social pages. We will use it on your store page if your membership level supports it.

Display information about your current membership level.

Connect your account to the Google calendar, manage and sync your booking anywhere.

Please provide all required documents and details. 

  • Passport/Driving License. Only one ID document is required for the verification process. The second document is optional.
  • Personal Address Confirmation. Please provide at least 1 document with the address clearly displayed. We accept these documents as proof of address: Tenancy agreement, Council tax bill, Recent utility bill (gas, electricity, water, or a landline phone).
  • DBS Certificate. All Moorest Traders are required to hold a valid Basic DBS Certificate. Before you can offer services in few selected categories, we might ask you for Enhanced DBS Certificate. 
  • Company Registration Certificate. If you offer services as a Sole Trader, please provide the HMRC letter you received with your UTC number; if your company is registered as LTD, please provide a Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Business Address Confirmation. If your company is not registered at your personal address, please provide an additional document with the business address clearly displayed.
  • Professional Qualifications and Certificates. If your trade requires any qualifications and/or certificates, please attach them to your verification form. 

Please complete all sections described above BEFORE creating your listing. Your trade permissions might be suspended if you’ll fail to do so.