Subscriptions Overview

What Is A Moorest Subscription Services? 

Moorest subscription services are based on the idea of offering services to receive monthly or yearly recurring subscription revenue. In short, subscription services focus on how revenue is made so that a single customer pays multiple payments for prolonged access to a service.


  • Subscription services involve selling a service and collecting recurring revenue for continuing to provide that service.
  • Most subscription services charge either monthly or yearly. 
  • Thanks to the Moorest Portals, many businesses are moving from one-time purchases to subscription models.

How Moorest Subscription Services Work 

Many companies move from a business revenue model where revenue is made from a customer’s one-time purchase to a subscription model where revenue is made repeatedly in return for consistent access to the goods or service.

The subscriptions are generally renewed and activated automatically with a pre-authorized credit card or checking account. The benefit of subscription models is the recurring revenue, which also helps create strong customer relationships. 

Types Of Moorest Subscription Services

Moorest Subscription Services include a variety of companies and industries. Those industries include home and garden care, hairdressers, pet services, lawn care, storage units, and many more. 

Example Of A Subscription Business Model 

The easiest subscription business model to understand is hedge trimming. Instead of selling a hedge trimming as a standalone service where a customer makes a one-time purchase, gardeners offer a subscription service for the hedge care of a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly service. In this model, instead of having customers make single purchases, the company offers regular payments for a subscription to access hedge care service.

If a gardener offers a monthly subscription service, instead of a single purchase, it offers its service as a 12-month service comprising 12 purchases. This makes the company’s revenue model stronger because it guarantees itself sales over a 12-month period rather than a single purchase. This makes revenue forecasting and business planning easier since a company can project its sales farther out with more accuracy.

Moorest Portals allows you to create subscribable listings; as a trader, you must ensure that all service aspects are completed to a satisfactory level.