Start selling

After registering your trader account, the first thing you need to do is set up your account information, including your business profile, payment and business information, membership plan, return, repair and cancellation information, and your holiday status.

You should also update your Information & Policies section with information about your store, privacy policy, restrictions, qualifications, and other relevant information.

For full details, see Update your account information.

Can I sell and send products on Moorest?

In short, NO. Moorest was created to provide services and support local communities. As a general, selling products is allowed only if it’s part of the service itself. Shipping is not allowed.

How do I permanently close my account?

You can always choose to cancel the membership, which effectively changes your trade account status to “closed”.

How do I contact Trade Support?

When you have a question or a technical issue, we encourage you to use our online KnowHow topics and tools to find your answers. For all questions not included within the knowhow portal, please visit Trade Contact Us page.