Prepare To Launch

Before you can successfully create listings, you must set several trade account settings. To speed up the process, you will find below a short guide for all necessary steps. Please follow this guide; you will be ready to go live once you are done.


Link your Moorest Trade Account with Google Calendar; you’ll receive all appointment details wherever you are, instantly. Go to Profile Manager—Google Calendar Sync and link your accounts.

Unless you complete this step, several functions will remain limited or inaccessible. The number of listings will be limited to 5 regardless of chosen membership plan. Read More…

Staff settings. Even if you’re a Sole Trader and you work alone, you’re a staff member. At least one staff member must be registered and:

  1. Custom Capabilities must be set; it’s the best idea to start with the bare minimum.
  2. Custom Availability must be set. Without this step, NONE of your services can be booked.

All settings in this section are created to support your business. Additionally, some crucial functionality depends on it. Please follow our tutorial and complete all sections.

Please complete all sections described above BEFORE creating your listing. Your trade permissions might be suspended if you’ll fail to do so.