Moorest Service Explained

As you already know, the whole Moorest Marketplace core is about services. We created a system to streamline and simplify the whole booking system. A system that is dedicated to both customers and traders. There are 3 main types of service:

Appointable Service

The main type of service can be booked at any available time/date slot. As a Moorest Trader, you must deliver service on time and as described on the listing page.

No long term relationship, just one-off.

Simple Subscription

Think about it as a set of appointments. It’s the best way to grow the business. After all, it’s about regular income. With Service Subscription, you know in advance what your minimum income will be.


Variable Subscription

Just like Simple Subscription, it gives you regular appointments. Just with much more choices. Combine different versions of service into variable one, let customers choose what they want.