Mediation Policy

You may be eligible for mediation services to settle disputes between you and Moorest (“Mediation”).

To be eligible for Mediation:

    1. Your dispute must be an Eligible Dispute. An “Eligible Dispute” is a dispute between you and Moorest Trade Portals Ltd (“Moorest”), which is related to Trading on Moorest. Further, a dispute is not an Eligible Dispute if there has been a previous mediation process on the same subject matter, or where you have made repeated unsuccessful mediation attempts, or where the dispute is not suitable for resolution by mediation. Last, when you request Mediation, Moorest’s final prior communication to you on a decision on the dispute must not be older than 6 months.
    2. You must have your registered place of business in the United Kingdom when you initiate the Mediation.
    3. You must have made a good faith attempt to resolve your dispute with Moorest through our internal complaints handling process prior to submitting your dispute for Mediation.
    4. You must have had active listings in one or more Moorest portals through the trading account to which your dispute relates.

Effect of Mediation. 

Opinions rendered by the appointed mediator are non-binding. If the mediator decides in your favor, you will be reimbursed any Mediation fees that you paid to the mediator for that case. You may initiate legal proceedings at any time before, during, or after the Mediation. A final court decision issued during the Mediation will automatically stop the Mediation.

Choice of a mediator. 

Mediation is provided by the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR), which will appoint a mediator in its discretion for each Eligible Dispute. By initiating Mediation, you agree with this choice of mediator.

  1. You will be required to pay any fees for the Mediation directly to CEDR.
  3. Moorest and CEDR are independent contractors. You bear full responsibility to determine whether Mediation is right for you.

Your information. 

By requesting mediation, you authorize Moorest to share any information we hold about your Moorest Trader Account, including any prior correspondence, with CEDR and the appointed mediator.