Manage products and services

When it comes to the services and products, there are several aspects to consider; all can be divided into 3 main categories:

Service Listing (Offer)

Customers rely on service titles, images, and description when searching for service; it’s important to be very specific; your service listing indicates work scope. Customers will not accept anything less; your listing is your obligation, so do not promise something you can’t deliver. Failure to do so will definitely backfire in Moorest Satisfaction Claims and negative feedbacks. This may lead to temporary or permanent trade rights suspension, don’t overestimate the unhappy customer’s power.


It’s time to deliver, be on time, do what you promised. Work with the customer to ensure complete satisfaction and ensure that all service components reflect those presented in the listing and remember, quality is the key.


Depending on the service category, there might be situations when you must do some corrective work afterward; if you offered a guarantee for provided service, own it. Please work with your client and solve all problems as they occur; build a trader-customer relationship and thrive.