When it comes to Subscriptions, several parameters must be set right. Apart from the obvious ones like price, title, and description, some settings will affect your listing, so it must be set correctly. Additionally, there is an important question, How To Manage Bookings On Subscribed Services

In Depth... Main Settings

When enabled, you’ll be able to disable “Add To Basket” button and hide the price. Quite handy if you’re dealing with a potential customer and modifying listing accordingly.

Obvious one. Create a perfect title,

Make sure it’s unique with an added keyword of two. Follow this tutorial to make it perfect. Keep it short, 250 characters or less. Nobody will read it otherwise.

An initial fee, leave empty to skip

Are you offering any free trial e.g. 1 week free? Be careful; customers might cancel their subscriptions shortly afterward. Instead of full service, offer something simple for free. Let customers know you, so they will trust and book your services in the future.

How much and how often you are going to charge for this service. Set Sale Price and dates if required. It’s a good idea to create sales every now and then.

Depending on membership level, you’ll see available categories. Choose only relevant ones.

Space for some keywords. Here are few points to remember.

  1. Max 5 keywords. We use these keywords to promote your business; if you set more than 5, our system will skip the whole section which means, NONE will be visible. You don’t want that.
  2. Use only relevant keywords. What point is to use generic ones???
  3. Use high-quality keywords. Use Keywordtool or other keyword search tools to find perfect ones.

Follow our Tutorial to create a perfect description. Remember, be specific about the service, and provide all important details about the service and products you’ll use. If required, create a section about add-ons. Make sure that the add-on description is separated from the main description. Clearly indicate what’s included in service and what’s additional.

Tabs - Subscriptions

  • Inventory
  • Service Filters
  • Linked
  • SEO
  • Add-ons

How many appointments can you make at one time? If it's just you, then obviously, just one. Add some staff members and expand your business.

select only relevant ones to be used on all front pages to allow customers to find you. IMPORTANT; do not use all available filters, only relevant to the listing. 

  • Upsells - alternative service to be shown on service page e.g. more complex service, subscription instead of appointable etc.
  • Crosssells - additional service to be shown in the basket e.g. customers who bought that also bought this.

Create additional services and sell products to the service—the best way to increase your profit. For more information, follow our tutorial.

It is important to handle subscribed services in the right way e.g. Makeup monthly subscription done 4 times a month. How to handle bookings? How to make the whole process as smooth as possible? Please follow this tutorial to find the best ways.