When it comes to business, it’s all about money. After all, running the business usually involves paying the bills, lots of them. With Moorest, you can create and offer multiple add ons, both services and products. That gives you the opportunity to create additional income on top of provided service.

In Depth...

There are many options for add-ons; we’ll focus on the most important ones.

Generally, there are two types of fields, Free and Paid.

  1. The free field will not adjust the price, which is purely informative to provide the best service. Optionally, you can choose to charge for this field, but most customers will go away if you choose to charge e.g., for adding a note to order.
  2. Paid fields can be used to generate additional income, create additional services or sell relevant products… the choice is yours.

It can be used as an upgrade option; customers can make only one choice. There are 3 types of pricing:

  1. Flat Fee, one price per booking regardless of the number of booking slots
  2. Quantity Based, if you offer a service that can be purchased as quantity based, use this one instead. E.g. Service Windows cleaning, the price per window, add-on frame cleaning
  3. Percentage Based adding a percentage of the total value of the service.


Similar to the Multiple Choice with one noticeable difference. Customers can choose multiple options e.g. House Cleaning AND oven cleaning AND windows cleaning, AND …

It gives the opportunity of leaving extra instructions to the customer.

As part of the service, you can ask the customer for an image of the service area, e.g. room to be painted.
Works great with NAME YOUR PRICE field

It gives more flexibility to the service e.g. ask the customer for details, photos and suggested price, accept or deny, the choice is yours


  1. You must set regular and sale price to £0
  2. On Pricing Tab, tick and name Price Label
  3. If the service you are offering is Apointable, check Requires Confirmation field and set cancellation rules. Subscriptions can be canceled without this limitation.


Field to be used in conjunction with all services to which quantity based pricing can be applied. e.g. windows cleaning, the price per window OR Room painting, the price per room sqm

Add special instructions, description of the service process, which can be relevant while choosing add-ons.


always test the service page when adding options that are new to you. Check how each option affects your service price.