The customer is now on your page, looking for the perfect service that fits his/her need.

The very last step is convincing the customer to click the “add to cart” button.


With an effective product description.

This means – the service description is one of the most important aspects of your online shop when it comes to conversion.


Even though it holds incredible power, a good service description can be hard to write.

It can be especially mind-numbing when you have a long list of items on your service page to work through.

We’ve broken it down into 8 easy-to-follow rules about service description writing that will help you create a service that sells.

Know Who Your Target Audience is

The first step to writing service descriptions is to define your target audience.

You want to be able to define which features would be of most interest to your potential clients.

This begins with understanding your buyer persona, a breakdown of the characteristics of your potential customers. Your buyer persona will help you understand which features will be most valuable to your customers.

As you are writing your service description, keep these questions in mind:

  • How did this person arrive on your page?
  • What are his or her interests, generally?
  • Why would this person be interested in your services, specifically?
  • How would this person describe the service to a friend?
  • What features or benefits would interest this person the most?

By keeping these questions in mind as you write your service description, you will be better able to create a service that sells.

For example, take a look at this service by Bea Beauty Salon.


The customer is not just any person who is looking for makeup.

Instead, the consumer is likely interested in high-quality and long-lasting makeup, especially when it comes to evening out where anything can happen. In this case, the potential client would likely be interested in learning about these features in the service description.

Rather than focus on the visual aspect of the makeup, focus on the features that would appeal to her buyer persona the most.

This leads perfectly into rule #2 for writing service descriptions.

Focus on the Service Benefits

As a business owner, you are understandably excited to share all of the qualities of your service. You want to show that your service has the best features and most unique specs.

The customer, however, is not necessarily interested in the mundane features of the service. Instead, they want to know how it can benefit them.

A service feature is a factual statement about the service that provides technical information. On the other hand, a service benefit tells how the service can improve the customer’s life.

If we take a closer look at the service description of the unique service from above, we can see the key features of the service and the benefits.


In this description, the service features include a COSMOS Approved component, a water resistance for 8 hours and a miniature lipstick.

The content of your service description should convince the potential customers that it will improve their lives in obvious, measurable ways.

Before you begin writing your service descriptions, outline your service’s features and benefits. Think about how the service either increases pleasure or reduces a pain point.

For every feature that you list, figure out how this will directly benefit the customer.

Tell the Full Story

A great service description should give all relevant details, convince the customer of its benefits, and pack an emotional punch.

Emotions influence customer behavior, so your service description is the perfect place to elicit emotions.

How do you do this?

By filling in any gaps that potential customers may have about the service.

In your service description, try to answer these questions

  • Who originally made products included in service?
  • How would this service improve customer’s day-to-day life?

Setting the scene like this will help the customers envision this service so that features and specs could never do. If you can get the customer to imagine the service as an emotional conquest, they will likely forget that it is all about the sale.

Use Natural Language and Tone

If you read your description aloud, does it sound like a real conversation that you would have with your friend?

Or does it sound like a computer-generated string of words?

If your service description is not something that you would say to your friend about the service, then it is time to inject a little life into them.

Bringing this natural tone–one that you would use in a real conversation–will help your customer connect with your brand.

Using a consistent tone that matches the brand builds trust with the customers and makes certain brands much more memorable than the thousands of others currently offering services on Moorest.

Use Power Words That Sell

Some certain words and phrases naturally elicit an emotional response in humans. Luckily for Moorest traders, this also increases sales.

By being mindful of these words and phrases, you can more easily convince your customers to take the leap and make the purchase.

Jon Morrow at Smart Blogger describes these as “power words.” He has an entire list of words that can help make your product copy more enticing.

how to write a good product description that sells - jon morrow smat blogger power words

As you write your service descriptions, look for any descriptive words or adjectives that could use a little bit of dressing up.

Rather than using words like “nice” or “high-quality”, opt for power words like “stunning” or “sensational”.

By sprinkling these good descriptive words into your service descriptions, you are subtly convincing the customers that your service is exciting, impressive, and worth the purchase.

Make it Easy to Scan.

People have short attention spans and read-only about 16% of what’s on the page. So, your service description needs to be able to capture that coveted 16% effectively.

You can do this by making your descriptions super scannable.

As in, the customer can find exactly the information he or she wants without wasting time sifting through other pieces of information.

Make your service descriptions easy to scan by including bullet points, short paragraphs made up of just a few sentences each, lots of white space, and different size fonts.

As you are writing service descriptions for your Moorest store, look for easy opportunities to follow this same scannable structure.

Ingredients and specs can easily be put into bullet points. The story and highlights can easily be put into a short paragraph. The service title can be put into a heading.

Making your service description easier to read makes you less likely to lose a potential customer during the process.

Optimize for Search Engines

In virtually everything you do on your Moorest store, you should optimize the content for search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the easiest way to attract new customers to your page, which is the first step in convincing a person to buy your services.

Optimization begins with keywords, which are usually the search term that buyers use to find the service that they are shopping for.

With a little bit of keyword research, you can quickly discover which keywords are best for your Moorest store.

For good measure and in line with best SEO practices, Moorest recommends placing your keyword in your

  • Page titles
  • Meta descriptions
  • Image titles
  • Service descriptions

For a better idea of which keywords you could use for your product, run your keyword through Keywordtool to generate a list of related keywords. This tool crawls the internet to find which pages rank the highest on search engines for your selected keyword.

This will give you an idea of what is currently performing well on search engines and can be used in your service titles or service descriptions.

Keep in mind that it is best to have the main keyword within your service title as it carries the most weight with search engines.

Will adding the keywords to your service titles and descriptions earn you a number one ranking on the search results page?

Probably not.

But it will definitely help make your service easier to find for those who are actively seeking your service.

Use Good Images

Even if you master service description writing, you must still have quality images to go with it.


Because 63% of customers think that a service image is more important than the description or even the reviews.

So, an important aspect of your service description is actually in the photo itself.

Quality photos will show the customer all of the key features of your service. They will also allow the customer to imagine having this service done for them.

Create (And Test) Your Own Service Description Template

Even with these eight rules to writing service descriptions that sell, you may still want to use a service description template.

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all for it.

Instead, try to make your own description template. Take the time to consider the quality criteria that your target audience is looking for and be sure to include them in your descriptions.

A few helpful questions to guide your writing;

  • What problem is your service solving?
  • Which power words have you included?
  • Did you include the full story?
  • Would you say this to a friend?
  • Does your image clearly display its key features and benefits?

Once you have found a nice formula for your service descriptions, test them out. Implement these rules on a set of your services and monitor the results. Please pay attention to whether or not it helps increase your sales or boost your organic traffic.

If the new service descriptions increase sales, then go ahead and make similar changes to the rest of your services within your Moorest store. If not, then examine your changes and look for opportunities to improve them.