Processing subscription services can seem overwhelming. Fear no more.
With Moorest, you can create and send a discount coupon to the customer so the customer can then book an appointable service without additional cost. In this way, subscriptions can be managed and booked directly on Moorest Portal.

In Depth... Settings

Create code which you can recognize e.g. include word subscription in it.

Add all relevant information, which service, to whom, order no etc.

Percentage or Fixed Amount can be set. 100% percent is the best option when handling subscriptions.

When it comes to subscriptions, it’s all about timing. Set it for the same period as a subscription e.g. monthly subscription; the coupon will expire in exactly one month.

  • Restriction
  • Limit
  • Minimum and Maximum spend, if you are using a coupon for a specific service set below, then leave it empty.
  • Individual use only, always enable, subscription coupons are set to 100% discount so additional coupon could make a little mess.
  • Services, an important one, must create an Appointable service that matches the subscription and allocate this service to the coupon. In this way, the customer will be able to use the Moorest booking system on subscribed services.
  • Usage limit per coupon, how many times service can be booked in a given time period e.g. 4 times monthly
  • Limit usage to X items, always set to 1
  • Usage limit per user, how many times service can be booked in a given time period e.g. 4 times monthly

What's next?

All you have to do is send the coupon to the customer through the contact form on the order’s page. Customers will use a coupon at a convenient time.
After subscription renewal, extend coupon usage for another period and you done; more bookings are coming your way.