Can Moorest remove customer review?

Generally, Moorest does not remove customer reviews even if it is unfair or the issue has been solved.

Nevertheless, there are some conditions when Moorest removes customer review. If your appeal is granted in such circumstances, we will remove a negative review from the system, and the Trader Performance Score will be adjusted.

Moorest will only remove the negative review in the following cases:

  • The review includes words normally recognized to be offensive or profane.
  • The review includes personally identifiable data, including email addresses, full names, telephone numbers, or other personal details.
  • The entire review is entirely about components used in service review, e.g., reviewing the tap used in service” Kitchen Tap Replacement.”

However, if the review contains both a service review and feedback about components, we will not remove the review. For example, “Plumber was late, and kitchen tap was kind of cheap.”


Note: If the review you have received meets the above criteria, you can request a review removal using the Review Removal Request page. You can address customer’s issues directly by replying to their reviews on the service page. For further guidance on replying to their reviews, refer to the Reply To The Review page.

Important: You can only request feedback removal via the Review Removal Request page. Reaching our Support teams via ‘Contact Us’ or other contact methods to request feedback removal will not be considered. Removal requests must be made within 60 days of the feedback submission.

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