Best practices to maintain positive reviews

Several factors affect customer reviews. The best way to maintain positive reviews is to implement best practices to identify and resolve any potential issues that might lead to negative reviews. Simple.

You can’t provide a Service.

Several issues can cause it; almost all can be avoided.

  • Required components and products required to provide service not available. For services with a short lead time, always keep all components in stock. If you must purchase components before service, increase lead time to get extra time needed for restocking.
  • No staff available, holiday season, reduce the number of services when short with staff, apply custom availability rules so customers can be book services after the holiday season.


You’re late

  • The previous appointment took longer than expected, increase duration and padding time for services, which can cause delays,
  • Heavy traffic causing delays throughout the day, increase duration and padding time for services, which can cause delays; create custom rules for service availability limiting the number of appointments during rush hours, and hire more staff to spread the workload more evenly. 


Regardless of why, as soon as you realize that you’ll be late, contact the customer and politely explain your circumstances. If you can’t estimate delay, be honest, rebook it for another date/time. Work it out with the customer.

Service not as described

Customers expect the best quality and they expect all delivered as described in the service listing. That means service images and descriptions must be adequate to actual service. Be specific, provide all relevant information about service and used materials. 

  •   Images, always provide clear images at the maximum allowed size, offer multiple views of the service, and supplied products
  • Title and description, don’t promise anything if it’s not part of the service, provide facts about service and addons, clearly state what’s included and what’s not
  • Maintain adequate service quality, follow service quality guidances to provide services to the expected level.


Customer service issue

  • Customers can’t reach you, make sure that you monitor your Notification and Enquiry Dashboard. Frequently check your email inbox for any incoming messages. Make sure that your customer service contact details are correct on your Moorest Dashboard Settings.

Service warranty not adequate

Make sure that service is provided in line with Service Quality Guidelines. All Moorest Services are provided with a post-service guarantee. Make sure that all reported faults to the service are resolved efficiently and on time. 

There is always a possibility to receive negative feedback. It can be avoided, but when it happens, work closely with the customer to resolve the issue that caused it. Once done, ask the customer politely to change the service review.

If the customer’s review was incorrect, you can request review removal, use the option to respond to the review. It will demonstrate your willingness to solve problems to prospective customers and earn their trust.