Appeal an account deactivation or listing removal

To offer services on Moorest, you must adhere to our performance metrics and policies. Failure to do so may lead to your account’s temporary deactivation and/or removal of the offered services.

If your account has been deactivated or your listings have been removed, you can appeal for their reinstatement by following the steps below. If you believe that your deactivation is an error, please follow the page’s instructions to explain why you believe Moorest should restore your account.

How to appeal an account and listings suspensions

  1. go to the Account Appeal page
  2. Fill the request form and submit your appeal. Your appeal form must include an Improvement Strategy Plan. To learn more, see Create Improvement Plan to Reinstate Trade Privileges.
  4. Click Request Reinstatementto send your completed appeal to Moorest.

After submitting your appeal, monitor your Trade Dashboard’s notification board and email for a decision from Moorest.