Before you hire a Trader...

It’s offten diffcult to choose the trader. Among hundreds of other questions, the most common are:

It’s very confusing, lots of strangely named Certificates, Licenses and Permissions makes our life a nightmare.

How can we know what kind of permission is needed to do this job?

The worst of all, you’re responsible for wrong doing of unlicensed trader.

That’s why we’ll do it for you. No more nasty surprises. We’ll check all necessary Certificates and Licenses so you don’t have to. To make your live even easier, providing services which requires a Certificate is available only to certicicate holders. All you’ve to do is to choose right category for the job e.g. choose Waste Removal Category to remove rubish. In that way, I’ll avoid fly-tipping penalty as all traders in that category holding a Waste Carrier Certificate. Smart, huh?


It’s all about reputation

  • TraderRatings – You’ll find the tradesperson’s rating on their profile and service board. Check their ratings to find out what other customers had to say. Tradespeople are rated on quality, reliability timekeeping and value, meaning you can make a more informed decision on who to hire.
  • Previous work  is a useful way of judging if someone is right for your job. Using Moorest gives you ability to check whole professional portfolio within seconds.

Absolutely YES.

You’ll have to pay a deposit during booking trader service as well as instalments during work progress to secure funds for trader. Trader can see that funds have been secured but won’t be released unless you’ll agree on job progress / completion.

In that way, trader knows that money are secured and you know that trader receive money AFTER job is done to specification.

  • Ther’re several important factors get job done right, luckily, our system is builded with customers in mind. All important bits are clearly displayed on service page.
  • Service – There is no grey arreas. As a standard, service is described in details, , price calculated per unit (e.g. square metre), All service addons clearly priced and displayed, payment terms explained and guarantee offered. There is no other costs to pay after job completion.  The only exeption is when you misscalculate units (e.g. 20 m2 instead of 19 m2) or if you choose add some extra unforeseen services during work.
  • VAT – As a standard, our platforms are designed mainly as domestic and Service price include VAT.
  • Deposit – A deposit should always be documented with a detailed invoice. As a guide, a deposit should be between 10-30% of the overall job price to cover the tradesperson’s tools, materials and travel costs.
  • Payment schedule – A service page must outline the payment schedule the tradesperson can expect during the job. This helps to avoid any misunderstanding later on. Each stage of the payment schedule should be documented with an invoice, and should only cover work that has clearly been completed.
  • Subcontractors – Not all tradespeople who do the quote carry out the work themselves. They may work alongside other subcontractors, or hire subcontractors to complete the entire job. While this is perfectly normal, it must be clarified upfront.

Remember, the trader are obligated to do the right job, if trader choose to use subcontractors fine, he is responsible for whole job anyway.

  • Guarantees – A tradesperson will guarantee provided service for a period of time. As everything else, all quarantee details are  clearly displayed on service page. Make sure that you have the relevant paperwork provided by trader if you need to make a claim at a later stage.

That’s why we created unique, multilayered Trade System called: MOOREST