Our Mission

For years online hegemons were hammering our communities, as they grow bigger, we’re smaller.

Now is Our Turn. Let’s take back what’s rightfully ours. Protect our communities.

Moorest Portals were created as a unique marketplace which we can effectively sell products and services.

Best part?

  • For the start, it’s free.
  • It’s designed to create local marketplace which supports community, all of it with power global market.
  • Give you a unique way to become independent trader.

And that’s just few points…

Say no to:

  • online hegemons hammering your community
  • driving money away from your community
  • growing unemployment in your area
  • forcing you into low paid job

About Us

As quite often, it all started with a DREAM. The world is changing, internet was created for people like us, instead in beneficing big online companies whitch don’t care about your community. We do. Our vision can be presented within few points.

  • Do What You Love, Love What You Do.
  • Protect Your Livelihood.
  • Protect Your Comunity.

Our Team

We Are Who We Are… Passionate, Creative and Innovative team which decided to take initiative and change the world.


Kris Szloser, inventor, dreamer, constantly challenging himself, normal guy really. For him, live would be boring without challenge so he’s constantly looking for it.

His favourite sentence is:

It’s easy because you make it easy.

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